NEWS | EVENTS | A Golden Journey of Love: Net & Erdie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

A Golden Journey of Love: Net & Erdie's 50th Wedding Anniversary

On September 8, 2023, the spotlight shone on love and commitment as the founders of LEADS Agri, Fernando and Catalina Malveda, marked their 50th wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows. The ceremony was held at Sto. Rosario Parish Church and the reception at the Okada Grand Ballroom served as a profound testament to enduring love. Their celebration serves as a heartwarming reminder of the enduring strength found in love and commitment.

In a world where relationships often confront challenges and the hustle and bustle of modern life can strain even the toughest bonds, their story emerges as a guiding light of hope characterized by unwavering devotion and stands as an inspiration to all who bear witness. Their journey becomes a wellspring of inspiration for couples everywhere, reinforcing the idea that love, when nurtured and cherished, has the resilience to endure the test of time, offering boundless joy and fulfillment.

The event was more than a celebration of a golden wedding anniversary; it served as a heartwarming testament to the enduring partnership that has been a cornerstone of Leads Agri’s success. Several distributors had the privilege of witnessing Erdie and Net’s journey from the early days of the company. They observed the couple skillfully navigating the challenges of simultaneously building a thriving business and a loving family.

The anniversary celebration was a joyous occasion that underscored the close-knit community of Leads Agri. It provided an opportunity for distributors to reminisce about the decades of collaboration, mutual support, and shared successes. Many of them have been part of the Leads Agri family for years, and this event was a reflection of the enduring bonds that have been forged.

As they raised a toast to Erdie and Net’s enduring love, it was also a celebration of the enduring partnerships that have been the foundation of Leads Agri’s continued success. The event served as a reminder that, just like in marriage, trust, commitment, and unwavering support are the keys to a prosperous and long-lasting partnership.

During the anniversary celebration, a touching moment unfolded as the couple’s youngest son and the current CEO of LEADS Agricultural Products Corporation, Jose Maria Fernando L.Malveda, delivered an emotionally charged speech. With profound gratitude, he underscored the privilege of sharing his parents not just with the company but with all the people in their lives.

His words resonated deeply, serving as a poignant reminder that genuine greatness isn’t solely measured by individual achievements but rather by the capacity to trust and provide unwavering support to one another. His message, encapsulated in words, “hindi importante kung gaano ka kagaling, it’s always about how you trust people at magdasal ka na may susuporta sayo sa taas,” stands as a timeless testament to the power of trust, unity, and faith, both in family and in business ventures.