NEWS | EVENTS | Beyond the Horizon: Leads Agri’s 25th Anniversary

Beyond the Horizon: Leads Agri’s 25th Anniversary

February 23, 2022 – Leads Agricultural Products Corporation celebrated its 25 years of providing quality Agrochemical Products and serving various parts of the Philippine agricultural value chain. This monumental milestone was held at the Okada Manila in Pasay City. Members of the Company’s executive committee, distinguished industry guests, and their partner distributors and dealers were present in their stunning modern Filipiniana outfits amid an intricate backdrop of glowing lights and unique Philippine textiles. The event also coincided with the birthday of the Company’s VP for Finance, Madam Catalina L. Malveda, who was greeted with both a friendly and intimate serenade that started the evening’s festivities.

Beyond Horizons

The night’s theme was, “Beyond the Horizon: 25 Years of Borderless Opportunities”, which encompasses Leads Agri’s vision to reach higher goals through maximizing its current offerings and services, taking on more roles and involving itself more in the agricultural industry, and making an impact through its civic duty.

In his opening message, Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, one of the country’s well-known economists and co- founder of the University of Asia & the Pacific, highlighted the importance of Leads Agri’s growth especially in an industry that thrived amid a global pandemic. Dir. Wilfredo C. Roldan, Director of the Philippine Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) expressed through a video message his deepest gratitude of having a Filipino Company succeed among the presence of multinationals. Their messages evoked a sense of responsibility for Leads Agri to continue being the brand of choice for all Filipino farmers.

The Humble Roots and Golden Impacts

Mr. Fernando B. Malveda, Leads Agri’s Founder and President, took the opportunity to thank all the company’s stakeholders in his speech where he reflected on the early years of Leads Agri. Looking back, he says that the true strength of any Company is on the people who believe in its vision and goals, and lives its values. He extends this appreciation to all his previous and current employees whom he has always treasured as the backbone of any thriving company.

The event also gave way to the recognition of the last set of Golden Lotus awards, which is an annual award primarily given to individuals that exceed the requirements of their work and go above and beyond of what is expected from them. In 2021, Leads Agri mourned the loss of its previous VP for Technical, Mr. Jaynor Juanito Gerard P. Dangan, who exemplified the true values of a person deserving of the Golden Lotus Award. On top of being a reliable colleague who championed camaraderie amongst his peers, he was also responsible for the registration and successful trials of the Company’s biggest product, Frontier 200 OD.

To commemorate his work ethics and tremendous contribution, the last Golden Lotus was awarded in his name and was received by his wife, Mrs. Joanne Dangan. As a lasting tribute to his memory, the Golden Lotus award will now be termed as the Jaynor Dangan Memorial and Excellence Award in the following years to come.

Forward Thinking and Broadened Horizons

As the evening drew to a close, Mr. Jose Maria Fernando L. Malveda, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, addressed all guests by accepting the responsibility of steering Leads Agri towards a future that ensures further growth and development. Through his speech, he calls on the support of all present stakeholders, their partner banks, distributors, and foreign and local suppliers by encouraging them to align the vision of the offices they represent with Leads Agri and its potential in the industry.

The event capped off with the announcement of all employee recognition awards, which included the longevity and sales awards. Performances highlighted a stunning sand art performance that depicted the growth of Leads Agri, and the presentation of the newest Leads Agri Hymn, whose lyrics depict Leads Agri’s hope for a future that goes together with the goals and ideals of all Filipino farmers.

With the experience of the past 25 years already under its belt, Leads Agri continuously seeks to grow with the hope of uplifting farmer lives by equipping them with economic solutions and above-standard technological capabilities to sustain their livelihood.