To further establish itself as a company that cares and listens to its partners across all market cores, the company makes it a point to embody such values by organizing events and programs, and one of these are the Bida Kasaka Dealers’ Nights happening on chosen locations across Luzon.

The first location, which happened last May 24, 2024 at Concepcion, Tarlac, was in partnership with Tarlac distributors and dealers. The event was met with much fanfare, as attendees were given the chance to participate in various games during the program.

Bida Kasaka events also have the tradition of honoring LEADS Agricultural Products Corp. (LAPC) partners by giving them incentives such as raffle prizes and the Dealers’ Deals prizes where dealers who have purchase commitments to gain local and international travel incentives or other rewards receive various prizes like motorcycles, pick-up trucks, among others. Part of them is Gold Elite Partner Amante Labrador of Prince Jeru Agri received a motorcycle unit for this portion, while raffle winners took home appliances like air conditioning units, electric fans, washing machines, and refrigerators, and oven toasters.

On the second Bida Kasaka Night, various dealers and distributors also enjoyed an eventful night. Held at Urdaneta, Pangasinan last May 30, 2024, the event welcomed about a hundred guests who also got the privilege of joining the raffle prizes similar to the first night’s.

Gold Elite Odre Sangle of OBS Rice Dealer and Retailer also won a motorcycle unit, along with other partners who took home a service van, a pick-up truck, along with the raffle winners who won appliances like air conditioning units, electric fans, washing machines, and refrigerators, and oven toasters.

Commitment to partners

LAPC sure makes it an annual tradition to thank its partners by hosting events like this one to make them feel seen and heard. Since 2023, Bida Kasaka Dealers’ Nights are stark reminders to each and every LAPC employee that our business partners, like the dealers and distributors, are just as important as our workmates. They make opportunities possible, as well as turn plans into reality.

As LAPC gears up for another year, it is an understatement to say that everyone who’s part of the company should also be looking forward to next year’s Bida Kasaka events as it’s a great exhibition (and reunion with) of friends we’ve made along the way as we try to make ends meet.

At LEADS Agri, together with its subsidiaries, functioning with a Filipino-first principle is an everyday routine for everyone involved. With Bida Kasaka, the company is able to reiterate its aims in reaching more Filipino farmers as time goes by.