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Crops to Careers: A Leads Agri & UPLB Immersion Program

On July 19, 2023, Leads Agri took initiatied its latest immersion program in collaboration with the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology program at the University of Los Baños (UPLB). This in-house initiative is meticulously designed to enrich students’ technical prowess and proficiency in the realm of Crop Protection Biotechnology.

College students are unceasingly in pursuit of opportunities to amass hands-on experience and cultivate skills primed for the demands of the professional arena. One avenue that has garnered increasing attention in recent times is the realm of research internships. As an integral facet of this program, students assume roles as research interns within the precincts of research laboratories, controlled environments, and active field operations at the National Crop Protection Center (NCPC) and UPLB.

Their on-field involvement was held in the Leads Station located in Calauan, Laguna. Simultaneously, exposure to controlled settings and experimental configurations within screenhouses furnishes invaluable insights. Alther Inciong, a participant in the program and a member of Leads Agri’s customer service team, stated that firsthand experience in genuine agricultural practices creates a better view rather than just theoretical and research findings, based on their hands-on planting of Hybrid Rice Seeds activity.

Engagement in fieldwork helps students go beyond just learning theories. It lets them develop practical skills that go beyond what they learn in regular classes. By implementing manual farm skills and using agri machineries, students are more aware of the daily activities of a regular

According to Vincent Malabanan, a student of UPLB who participated in the immersion program “The entire farm immersion program between LAPC and UPLB was a great experience for us, the students, as it gave us valuable knowledge and skills on actual agricultural practices as well as giving us a glimpse on how an agrochemical company like LAPC operates”. These new learnings further enhance the agricultural knowledge of the students as well as giving them an opportunity to apply those learnings in a practical setting, thus contributing to a more holistic

Incorporating hands-on learning into agriculture holds great significance. Merely explaining how things function to students isn’t sufficient; they must actively engage in the practical aspect. This hands-on involvement lays the groundwork for their future endeavors, surpassing the boundaries of theoretical explanations.

The inclusion of state-of-the-art machineries further enhances the learning process, enabling students to familiarize themselves with cutting-edge agricultural technologies. LAPC’s commitment to enriching agri education underscores its dedication to fostering a new era of skilled and knowledgeable agricultural leaders, poised to drive innovation and sustainability in the field.