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Leads Agri gives its TLC

Last December 2017, Leads Agri started its Technical Learning Center (TLC) in Ubay, Bohol. The TLC is a demo that aims to provide the following:

  1. Provide and equip farmers, BLO’s and channel partners with proper knowledge regarding major weeds, insects pests and diseases of rice and also share local practices to manage the different pests.
  2. To showcase Leads Agri’s outstanding product performance to farmers, BLO’s and channel partners.
  3. To create alignment with channel partners
  4. To build a strong and trusting relationship with farmers and BLO’s by determining and catering to the other needs of the farmers.

Last March 20-24, 2018, 364 farmers from Bohol, Iloilo, Negros and Leyte attended the Harvest Festival at Leads TLC in Ubay, Bohol wherein Leads Agri showcased to the farmers its PAC 835 hybrid rice, ismart RC216 and RC300 inbred seeds. Leads Agri also showcased its other products like Niclos M (molluscicide), Advice (herbicides), 2-4D Amine (herbicides), Galileo (fungicide), Cartap (insceticide), Starkle (insceticide) and LeadForce Ultra (insceticide).

During the successful harvest festival, Leads Agri’s Team presented its product portfolio and taught all the attendees different techniques on the proper management of pests and diseases.

Leads Agri will soon be opening other TLC demo sites in Luzon and Mindanao.