NEWS | EVENTS | Revolutionizing Agriculture: STK and LEADS Agri Partnership


As LEADS Agricultural Products Corp. (LAPC) is committed to advancing and supporting Filipino farmers, its mission to fully adhere to their needs is also apparent through its innovative product development. In the spirit of fully showing this support, LAPC has launched Top Ace MAX in three different locations across the country from November to December, providing valuable insights about the benefits of using the duo Top Ace and Leads Exit for sugarcane plantations.

The first event, held last Nov. 25, 2023, at Roxas City, Capiz, showcased the innovative product combination of Top Ace and Leads Exit while also delving into the intricacies of sugarcane cultivation. The discussions encompassed a range of topics: from identifying and combating pests and diseases to discussing proactive measures for safeguarding sugarcane plantations. The collaborative efforts of the LAPC team underscored their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for farmers.

The program featured a comprehensive guide on the advantages farmers can gain from the synergistic combination of Top Ace and Leads Exit, as well as other products offered by LAPC. A sales pitch also showcased various LAPC products beneficial for farmers, concluding with an exciting raffle draw offering special prizes to participating farmers.

Following the success of the first launching event, subsequent launches were held the next month Dec. 19, 2023, in Valencia, Bukidnon, and Passi, Iloilo. The 821A team, led by Bonimar Elmido, orchestrated the Top Ace MAX launch in Valencia. Marketing Development Lead Edward Macatula highlighted the merits of the latest sugarcane product during the program. Simultaneously, in Valencia, Bukidnon, the 831A team led by Regional Manager Noel Lapuz, along with VP of Sales for VisMin Ricky Sazon, discussed Top Ace MAX with Product Development Specialist on Crop Nutrition Jade Paraiso.

Both events proved successful, propelling Top Ace MAX to become the preferred choice for every sugarcane farmer, epitomized by the tagline “MAX Malakas, MAX Matibay, at MAX Pinalakas na proteksyong pang-tubuhan,” which encapsulates the robust protection and strength the product imparts, positioning it as an indispensable asset for the agricultural community.

As Top Ace MAX gains traction, it stands as a testament to LAPC’s unwavering commitment to advancing the agricultural sector in the Philippines. The success story of Top Ace MAX is not merely confined to sales figures but extends to the positive impact it promises for sugarcane farmers.